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A Cloud-based Augmented Reality platform for everyone!

No Coding! No Dependency!

PlugXR’s Compatibility

The platform supports all dimensions & verticals of AR tracking to give users
an end-to-end AR experience by providing a complete solution.

Image Tracking
Ground Tracking
We're working to get this finished quickly
We're working to get this finished quickly
We're working to get this finished quickly

PlugXR Use Cases

The applications of AR are endless and PlugXR’s market-leading features
can contribute significantly to all verticals of major industries.

AR Development Process

PlugXR’s unbelievably simple development process for AR is setting us apart as the go-to option
for mainstream adoption of this marvellous technology.

Without PlugXR
  • Coding Skills
  • High Development Cost $$$$
  • About 5Hrs to create AR Experience
  • About 200Hrs to create AR Mobile App
  • Need to install Unity3D, XCODE & Android Studio in the local system
  • Local System should be available all the time to access the project files.
  • No/Low SDK Migration possibilities
  • Skills
  • Cost
  • AR Experience Creating Time
  • AR App Development Time
  • Software Tools
  • Project Access
  • Migration
With PlugXR
  • No Coding Skills
  • Incredibly low cost $$
  • Create AR Experience in less than
    5 Mins
  • Create AR Mobile App in less than 1 Hr
  • No Software Dependency
  • Access your project Anytime & Anywhere on our Cloud-Platform
  • Migrate between SDKs anytime during development

Why Choose PlugXR?

The incredibly low time and cost of development with NO Coding & Dependency are opening up the AR market
to businesses and individuals wanting to create a significant consumer impact on a limited budget,
resulting in higher acquisition, retention, and conversion of clients.


Numbers speak for themselves
and they are exponentially increasing


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